Supporting BottleDrop Can Also Support Us!

by Alaina Labak

We are very lucky in Oregon to have the first established and successful program in place to charge a deposit on (most) single-use beverage containers in the bottled beverage aisle.  States that implement these programs see a massive increase in recycling rates (from 33% to 70%), yet we are only one of 10 states with an active program.

Have you heard that BottleDrop has added refillable bottles to their program?  We have shared this news with you over the past few years.

Many breweries have begun bottling into returnable bottles, and the list keeps growing.  These bottles get returned to BottleDrop centers just like the single-use bottles, but instead of being smashed, heated and reformed into new bottles, they are just washed and refilled, for a much lower carbon footprint from your beer enjoyment.  Look for these bottles where you shop and make 2021 the year that you drink sustainably!

And when you access your BottleDrop account, please consider making a super-easy donation to Recycling Advocates.  Just log in to your account online or in your BottleDrop App, click “Donate” and choose Recycling Advocates from the list of nonprofits

We appreciate each and every donation, no matter how large or small!