Sunnyside Coffee Perks in Portland

Sunnyside (Portland) has great coffee shops!  Go ahead and sit and stay awhile….the aroma, creative spaces, artwork, comfy indoor and outdoor seating are inviting you to linger.  When you do, ask for a “cup for here” or “to stay” or “a ceramic mug, please,” or offer up your own travel cup (BYOC) and pass on the white paper to-go cup.

Why is this so important?   The white paper cups are part plastic and are not recyclable, and because we are a coffee-drinking city, the volume of cups generate an enormous amount of landfill waste.  To get some idea of the volume, if a person used just one disposable coffee cup a day, the result would be 23 lbs. of waste by the end of the year!  Additionally, they are expensive and up the price of your beverage.

Many of our local businesses are offering us incentives to bring our own mug or cup (BYOC) plus many have dine in options- you just have to ask.  Visit some of these neighborhood places (including food carts,) enjoy your coffee and save some money:

Dine in with ceramic mugs along Belmont at Happy Sparrow at 30th (will give you a discount if you reuse one of their “to-go” cups,) Tired and Poor Coffee Cart at 34th, Stumptown at 35th, Sound Grounds at 37th, Kind Coffee Cart at 42nd, and Red Square Coffee at 45th.  Zupan’s and Stumptown will give you 25¢ off when you BYOC.

On Hawthorne Blvd. dine in at Common Grounds at 43rd -15¢ off for BYOC, New Seasons at 42nd- 10¢ off for BYOC, Fresh Pot at 38th– 25¢ off for BYOC, and Starbuck’s at 37th- 10¢ off for BYOC.  Peet’s at Fred Meyer offers 10¢ off for BYOC and Blue Star at 35th offers a regular coffee price even if your BYOC is slightly larger than their regular coffee.

Order in and stay awhile at Canteen at 28th Stark and at Oblique at 30th Place, enjoying their unique indoor and outdoor spaces.

Plaid Pantry, 7-Eleven, Arco, and Jacksons all offer coffee at a refill price when you bring your own travel mug or cup.

Check out the CHOOSE TO REUSE Campaign launched by Recycling Advocates to reduce paper cup waste.   Take a pledge to Reuse, and get more information at

Guest article by Recycling Advocates volunteer Bonita Davis. This article appeared in the Sunnyside Neighborhood News in June 2016.