Spotlight on Thatcher’s Coffee

By Bonita Davis

Serving coffee is what they do at Thatcher’s Coffee, and caring for people (and the planet) is why they do it.  Enter this bright, modern shop in the Grand Central District of Vancouver and you will be greeted by a light, airy sun-filled space featuring gleaming concrete floors, tile and natural woods.  A colossal and colorful blackboard asks you to consider your intentions for 2018, and then share them in writing!

Opened eight years ago by Jamie Erdman, Thatcher’s features excellent coffee and pastries.  Thatcher’s quickly became a popular local shop when their coffee drinks made with Roseline or Heart coffee were discovered.   Order “for here” and your food and beverages will be served on or in durable ceramics.  Tempting pastries are made from locally sourced ingredients.   Bring your own travel mug for “to-go” and receive a discount.   The water station features reusable and unbreakable silicone water glasses imprinted with the Thatcher’s logo.  Durable silverware, bulk condiments, and metal stir spoons replace their plastic counterpart.  Behind the counter, most throwaway tape labels have been replaced by laminated labels to avoid waste and plastic trash can liners are being eliminated wherever possible, saving thousands of liners a year.

Emily at Thatcher's CoffeeInventory Manager, Emily Ochoa is passionate about waste reduction in her workplace and personal life.  At home, Emily is increasingly aware of items that have a short time use, so she seeks alternatives to containers of any kind with less or no packaging as soon as those items are depleted.  Examples include switching to a shampoo bar instead of the bottled variety, buying bulk, and subscribing to Imperfect Produce.

Emily strives to find as many opportunities to reduce waste as possible at Thatcher’s through online research and networking with other sustainable local businesses.  Currently, they are replacing plastic straws with paper straws.

Giving back is important at Thatcher’s.   Currently they are donating $1 for every Kleen Kanteen sold to the Clark County Food Bank and through #plasticfreejuly they are offering 25% off the Kanteens through August 5th.   A monthly program to share a percentage of their profits to a local non-profit organization gives each employee a chance to choose where the proceeds are donated.  This month, it is Hudson’s Bay Foundation.  No wonder that Thatcher’s is in the process of becoming certified as a Green Business by the Clark County Green Business Program!

BYOC to Thatcher’s and enjoy their friendly staff, excellent products, and relax next to the floor-to-ceiling open windows or the inviting plaza.  Thatcher’s inspires!

Thatcher’s Coffee, 104 Grand Blvd. #100, Vancouver, WA 98661,, 360 258 0571.