Sisters Coffee puts soul into BYOC campaign

Sisters Coffee Company in the Pearl (1235 NW Marshall St) is a family owned company based out of Sisters, Oregon, and has recently joined our BYOC campaign!

The following is an article written by Megan Patterson, Assistant Manager at Sisters Coffee

The company has been roasting coffee in Central Oregon since 1989. The Pearl location
opened in 2011 and has grown in the community and as a destination coffeehouse each year.

Sisters Coffee has 8 Core Values that we work towards everyday:

  1. Integrity
  2. Excellence
  3. Kindness
  4. Servant Leadership
  5. Perseverance
  6. Responsibility
  7. Dignity
  8. Soul

Not only do we apply these values to their hospitality experience and work environment, but also
want to continue to grow in these values on an environmental scale. We strive for integrity in
traceable sourcing, and we partner directly with as many coffee producers as possible. We want
to play our part and take up responsibility in furthering our education on how we can continue to
grow in sustainability and accountability to the world we live in and the people in it.

We encourage our guests to join us by offering a 0.25 cent discount when they bring their own mug, and $2 drip coffee no matter the size of their mug. We offer a free refill when you order a drip coffee in a ‘for-here’ mug, and encourage our guests to put their glass bottles and recyclables in the bus bin, so we can sort and recycle for them.

We are making small steps all of the time.

We define soul as being passionate about what we do, finding fulfillment and meaning in our
everyday work. We find soul when we do our part and make a difference.

Check out Sisters Coffee next time your in the Pearl District, and don’t forget to BYOC!