Recycling Basics

How do I learn more about recycling?

If you live in the Portland metro area, the best resource is the Oregon Metro website. They can assist you with any question about what can be recycled and where. Just search the “Find a Recycler” page, or call them at 503-234-3000

They’ve also put together a campaign to help educate residents about what can be recycled, called “Recycle or Not” (English) or “Reciclar o No” (Spanish) that helps to address common issues.

Where can I recycle…

Plastic film

#2, #4, #5 and #6 plastics

#5 plastics

#6 plastics

Other Items

Local Expert Forums and Tips

Education and Certification Opportunities

If you’d like to become an expert in recycling, consider these two sources:


Local Portland Area



  • BagMindr – App that reminds you to bring your reusable bags when you get near your favorite grocery store.