Recycling Advocates Volunteer Guide for Tabling Events

If you have any questions, please call or text Brion at 321-271-5361

Prior to Event

Prepartion – Learn about Recycling Advocates

Bring with you:

  • Master Recycler badge (if applicable)
  • Tabling supplies (RA will contact you if you are required to bring supplies)
  • Reusable water bottle (no bottled water) – you will be talking a lot!


    • Setup table per the event guidebook (located in the event kit)


During Event

How to engage in dialogue with attendees:

  • Do you drink coffee?
  • Do you know the rules about recycling coffee cups?
  • Do you know that coffee cups are not recyclable?
  • Have you heard about the BYOC campaign?
  • Do you own a reusable coffee cup or water bottle?

Key messages to convey:

  • Coffee cups are not recyclable in curbside due to plastic embedded within the cup
  • We are encouraging people to bring their own cups, or dine in with a “for here” real cup
  • We are also working with coffee shops to help promote this idea to their customers
  • Take some free stuff and/or share our campaign with friends, family and co-workers
  • We are looking for volunteers to help us table at events and talk to coffee shops
  • We are taking pledges to those who want to start reducing their coffee cup usage (or continue to if they are already doing it)

Other items:

    • Keep track of the number of people you interact with (will be needed for Master Recycler volunteer hours). Use clicker(s) provided in the box of supplies
    • Take photos of the booth, the event venue, and have someone take a photo of you in front of the booth
    • Post to social media, tag RA using @raoregon (Twitter) and Recycling Advocates (Facebook), using #byoc #choosetoreuse #coffeecups
    • If you want to setup the bean bag and coffee cup knockdown game, that is optional (based on space around you). You can have kids try and knock down a stacked pyramid of coffee cups with the bean bag.

After Event

  • Pack up supplies neatly, and help clean up at event
  • Return supplies to RA contact person or provided location. Contact RA directly from the website at if you are unsure.
  • Contact us if you notice that we are very low on supplies
  • Take photo of pledges and newsletter sign up forms, and email it (along with photos from the event) to
  • Find out how many people were at the event in total (will be needed for Master Recycler volunteer hours)
  • Record volunteer hours on the Master Recycler website at

Thank you for your help!!