Recap of Volunteer Training at New Seasons

by Bonita Davis

Recycling Advocates was very pleased to welcome new volunteers to the Bring Your Own Cup Campaign (BYOCC) on Saturday, March 10th at New Season’s Market at Seven Corners on SE Division.

Coming from throughout the Metro region, twelve responded to the opportunity through the Master Recycling Program, or from a recent BYOCC tabling event at PlanetCon, or local Repair and Fix-It Fairs.

After learning a little more about each other, volunteers were given an overview of Recycling Advocates by President Brion Hurley. Denise Slatterly, RA Board member, shared the history of the BYOCC tool development, showing the stickers, magnets, information sheets and other items and they were designed to be used.

Volunteers discussed the checklist used to observe coffee shops, and discussed the waste reduction practices that were listed, then practiced their observations in the New Seasons Market coffee counter and dining areas.

How to begin a conversation with a barista, manager or owner was made more interesting (and fun) with some lively role playing. Following discussion and last minute questions, the group assembled their tools and signed up for coffee shops near where they live or work. Some of the volunteers (Lori, Daniel, Nourah and Phil) were able to go on a “field trip” to visit nearby coffee shops in the SE Division area.

After saying good-bye to the volunteers, we were able to thoroughly engage successfully in creating a conversation and a follow up plan at one café, and politely acknowledging disinterest in a second.

We were delighted to find Carole and Brooke from our group enjoying coffee at one of the cafes we visited. The three hour training concluded with each volunteer leaving with tools and a plan. Thank you to all the volunteers who attended!

Look for another volunteer training event in the next couple months!