RA responds to proposed incineration of Metro’s solid waste

RA has formerly responded to Metro about their proposed talks with other recycling option companies, specifically garbage incineration company Covanta (Brooks, OR).

Recycling Advocates is opposed to the possibility of sending our region’s
solid waste to the incinerator in Brooks, Oregon. While we have some
concerns about potential emissions and air quality issues, Recycling
Advocates’ primary concerns relate to the proposal’s impacts on the metro
area’s waste stream and its recycling efforts.

For starters, engaging in a contract with Covanta, the owners and operators
of the incinerator, would require a long term commitment. Covanta would
like to make plans to expand the capacity of the facility to accommodate
what they perceive as a substantial and increasing feedstock. Metro’s long
range goals for the area’s solid waste is for considerable decreased
generation over the next 20 years and beyond. Incinerators are hungry and
require more feedstock to justify the expense. Demanding higher waste
generation to feed this waste burner is at odds with Metro’s goals.

Additionally, Covanta’s expansion of the facility is an expensive
undertaking with a long term return on investment. The ratepayers will be
required to cover the cost of expansion. Paying more money so that
residents can continue to generate higher levels of solid waste is neither
beneficial nor wise. For these reasons, Recycling Advocates opposes the
current proposal.

In summary, RA is not in favor of garbage incineration as a viable option for reducing trash in our landfills.

Download the official letter: Metro Incinerator Proposal 2016 Recycling Advocates