Recycling Advocates also offers several publications, in addition to our monthly newsletter, to assist you in your recycling and reduction efforts.

How to recycle at events

The new edition of this guide to recycling at events large and small was made possible with our collaborating partners, Metro and Portland’s Office of Sustainable Development.

Topics covered include establishing goals; dealing with food, vendors, and volunteers; site logistics; set-up; publicity and, of course, recycling. The guide also contains an updated and expanded list of resources for event planners. We also have some hard copies still available, so contact us for more info.

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Reducing waste at the holidays

For ideas on how to reduce your holiday footprint and give a gift to the planet this year, download our updated Holiday Waste Reduction guide.

This guide includes information on areas like:

  • How to be sustainable with your Christmas tree
  • Ideas for tree decorations instead of purchasing new ones
  • Making your party energy efficient, saving on food, and set-up best practices
  • Sustainability when shopping for your gift as well as the gift itself
  • Creative ideas for wrapping that save you money and save space in a landfill

While many of these ideas seem Christmas-centric, they can be used throughout the year for birthdays, Easter, graduation parties, baby showers, and more.

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Tired of junk mail?

Are you tired of your mailbox having more junk mail than real mail? Tired of that pile of phone books at your door? We have 10 tips that will help you declutter your mailbox and help save natural resources, such as the paper and ink, electricity used during printing, and gas used for shipping.

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Composting with a worm bin

Using a worm bin to create compost – also known as Vermicomposting – is an easy way to dispose of food scraps and cardboard without putting it in a landfill or down your drain.

The best part about using a worm bin is that it doesn’t have to be large, does not need a large amount of yard debris, and decomposting is faster. Because of the types of items you put into a worm bin – and because of its speed – this kind of composting even works well for those in apartments or with small yards.

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The cost of single servings

Recycling Advocates did a Portland-area packaging survey to show the difference in costs between items bought in single serving amounts as opposed to in larger packaging.

The difference in pricing on a items from popcorn to apple juice to cracker/cheese/meat combos ranged from twice as much to five time as much.

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