Papaccino’s Coffee House See 50% Reduction In Cup Usage

by Donna Lomnicki

This coffee shop certainly earns one of the top ranking for coffee cup reduction. As I look around the very inviting and comfy shop, about 90% of the patrons have reusable cups. I notice the “Bring Your Own Cup” literature on the counter, the bowl of BYOC buttons, and the smiling face of Julian.

He commented that “more people have been noticing the BYOC signs and commenting that they will bring their own cup”.

The atmosphere is very conducive for kicking back in an overstuffed chair, gazing out the large picture windows, enjoying a cup of coffee, or a catch up chat with a friend, reading the paper, computer work time, or as I do each Saturday, a fun robust game of cards.

They go the extra mile to reduce and reuse. The highlights are as follows:

  • $0.10 off for using your own cup
  • lots of fun durable mugs to use on the premises
  • durable cup drinking water station
  • container for liquid sugar (no packets)
  • real metal spoons for stirring
  • well-marked dirty dish and recycling center.
  • offer for purchase mugs, cups, and whimsical handmade cloth coffee holders

An audit of cup and lid usage per month showed a 50% reduction in disposable coffee cup usage. They were using 6500 cups in August 2016, and as of March 2017, that number has dropped to 3500, and showing a steady decline each month! Very impressive!

This is also a great cost cutting measure! They have dropped their monthly cost of disposable paper cups and plastic lids by $200!

Papaccino’s Coffeehouse and Tea is located on 44th and SE Woodstock. Visit their Facebook page at