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2019 Newsletters

    • February Newsletter
      • BYOC Campaign Update
      • Talking Trash Podcast with Brion Hurley
      • Disposable-Free Dining in Berkeley, CA
      • Do Just One Thing: Rethink Compostables
      • Plastic Paradise Movie Screening TODAY!
    • January Newsletter
      • BYOC Campaign Update
      • Portland Plastic Straw, Utensil and Condiments Ordinance
      • Lake Oswego Plastic Bag Ban
      • “Myrtle the Turtle” Update
      • Do Just One Thing: Swap Your White Elephants

2018 Newsletters

    • December Newsletter
      • Many, Many Thanks to Betty Patton
      • BYOC Campaign Update
      • Myrtle the Turtle Kickstarter
      • BottleDrop Opens in Newport
      • PlanetCon in Hillsboro
    • November Newsletter
      • RA Annual Meeting Recap
      • BYOC Campaign Update
      • RA Founder Jeanne Roy Retires After Prolific Nonprofit Career
      • Metro Public Forum: Let’s Talk Trash
      • Zero Waste Conference Videos
    • October Newsletter
      • RA Annual Meeting Moving to TaborSpace!
      • Campaign Update / Zero Waste Conference
      • Zero Waste Hacks Video
      • Moving House with Zero Waste
    • September Newsletter
      • Annual Meeting Invitation
      • Campaign Update: Spotlight on Nossa Familia
      • Waste Management Infographics
      • Zero Waste Conference
      • BottleDrop Accounts by the Numbers
    • August Newsletter
      • Campaign Update: Annual Meeting Invitation
      • BYOC Spotlight: Thatcher’s Coffee
      • Do Just One Thing: Give Old Shoes New Life
      • What I’m Reading:
      • Division Clinton Street Fair Pics
    • July Newsletter
      • Division/Clinton Street Fair
      • What I’m Reading: The Parents’ Guide to Climate Revolution
      • Keep Rooster Alive!
      • Travels in Greenland: Impacts of Global Warming
      • “Signs of Progress”
    • June Newsletter
      • BRING Tour
      • Party Tonight: BottleDrop Refill Launch
      • Division/Clinton Street Fair
      • Update on Plastic Straw Ban
      • Do Just One Thing: Try Entertaining Without Disposables
      • PlanetCon2018
    • May Newsletter
      • BYOC Campaign Update
      • UK Set to Ban Single-Use Plastics
      • Refillable Beer Bottle Program Expanding
      • Do Just One Thing: Grab a Growler
      • PlanetCon2018
    • April Newsletter
      • BYOC Campaign Update
      • Thanks to Earth Day Fair Volunteers
      • Thanks to Rockwell Collins
      • Scrap the Cap, Tout the Spout!
      • Styrofoam Recycling for SE Portland Residents
      • Recycling Q&A with Metro Experts
    • March Newsletter
      • BYOC Volunteer Training Recap
      • Plastic Recycling Reboot, Spring 2018
      • Congratulations to Bonita Davis
      • Earth Day Fairs
      • BYOC in Motion
    •  February Newsletter
      • BYOC Volunteer Training and Outreach
      • “Put a Button on it” Fix-it Event
      • New MRF CT Rules
      • Sustainability and Recycling Meetup Group
      • BYOC in Motion
      • City of Portland Fix-it Fair
    • January Newsletter
      • Campaign Update: Oracle Coffee Company
      • BYOC in Motion
      • March 10th Volunteer Training
      • January 1st Bottle Bill Changes
      • GO Box PDX Business Offering
      • PlanetCon Report
      • Do Just One Thing: Take the Pledge!

2017 Newsletters

    • December Newsletter
      • 2030: What Will our Garbage and Recycling System Look Like?
      • Call for Volunteers for Fix-It Fairs
      • Board Member Bonita Davis Interviewed on KATU
      • Experiential Gifts – No Gift Wrap Required!
      • Do Just One Thing: Say no to STUFF
    • November Newsletter
      • Adopt-a-Shop
      • New Seasons Recycling Forum
      • Metro’s Proposed Rules for Material Recovery and Conversion Technology Facilities
      • Coffee Cup News from the UK
      • Do Just One Thing: Be an Informed Recycler
    • October Newsletter
      • Update on Recycling Changes
      • Accolades to Rob Guttridge
      • Recycling With Teens
      • What I’m Reading: The Non-Consumer Advocate
      • Do Just One Thing: Try
    • September Newsletter
      • Campaign Update / Annual Meeting Report
      • Bonita Davis Joins the RA Board
      • GoGreen Conference Coming Up
      • Bottled Water Stats
      • Do Just One Thing: Get Acquainted with Changes at Far West
    • August Newsletter
      • Recycling Advocates Annual Meeting Invitation
      • BYOC Campaign Update
      • Eco-Schools Info Sessions
      • Remembering Mary Coats and Jeanette Egger
      • Travels in Recycling
      • Do Just One Thing
    • July Newsletter
      • Recycling Advocates Annual Meeting Invitation
      • BYOC Campaign Update / Jet Black Coffee
      • Video Pick: Melbourne’s #BYOCoffeeCup Tram
      • What We’re Reading: “Plastic Free”
      • Do Just One Thing
    • June Newsletter
      • BYOC Campaign Update
      • BottleDrop Express Opening
      • Your Feedback: Bottle and Can Deposits
      • AOR Conference Report
      • Do Just One Thing: Use GoodSearch / GoodShop
    • May Newsletter
      • BYOC Campaign Update / Coffee Shop Spotlight: Tiny’s
      • Beaverton BottleDrop Center Opens
      • AOR Conference: Sustainable Oregon 2017
      • Board Member Feature: Betty Patton
      • Do Just One Thing: E-Cycle at Woodlawn Neighborhood Cleanup
    • April Newsletter
      • BYOC Campaign Update
      • Coffee Shop Spotlight: Papaccino’s
      • Rockwell Collins Green Communities Grant
      • Oregon’s 2017 Legislative Session – Update
      • Refillable Beer Bottle Program
      • Earth Day Fairs
      • Board Member Feature: Susan Mead
      • Do Just One Thing
    • March Newsletter
      • BYOC Campaign Update
      • The Bottle Bill Isn’t Fooling!
      • Call for Volunteers: Earth Day Fairs
      • Oregon’s 2017 Legislative Session
      • AOR Spring Forum: Materials Management
      • Do Just One Thing
    • February Newsletter
      • BYOC Campaign Update
      • SB 199: “Extended Producer Responsibility for Household Hazardous Waste”
      • Bottle Deposit Increase: Response to Willamette Week Article
      • Fred Meyer Community Rewards Reminder
      • Do Just One Thing: Recycle Electronics at Free Geek
    • January Newsletter
      • Volunteer Gathering Invitation
      • DEQ Grant Awarded for “Recycling 101”
      • Refillable Beer Bottle Program
      • Do Just One Thing

 2016 Newsletters

    • December Newsletter
      • RA – Year in Review
      • RA – Looking Ahead to 2017
      • Campaign Update
      • Coffee Shop Focus: Common Grounds
      • Volunteer Gathering
      • What We’re Reading
      • Do Just One Thing
    • November Newsletter
      • A Post-Election Message from RA President Brion Hurley
      • Campaign Update
      • Coffee Shop Spotlight
      • Thanksgiving Waste Reduction
      • Volunteer Gathering – Save the Date
      • Do Just One Thing
    • October Newsletter
      • Board of Directors Changes
      • Volunteer Gathering – Save the Date!
      • Metro’s Solid Waste Forecast
      • AOR Fall Forum
      • Do Just One Thing
    • September Newsletter
      • Annual Meeting Recap
      • Behavior Change Video: “All Washed Up”
      • Campaign News / Nectar Cafe
      • SW Portland Sustainability Fair and Repair Fair
      • Do Just One Thing
    • August Newsletter
      • Annual Meeting: Wednesday September 14th
      • Stand: Better Cup Campaign
      • 7 Things to Keep Out of your Recycling Bin
      • Pickathon 2016: “No Single Use”
      • Do Just One Thing
    • July Newsletter
      • Annual Meeting 2016: Save the Date!
      • Remembering Don Waggoner
      • Our Thanks to Rooster!
      • BottleDrop Center Update
      • Minimalism Demystified
      • Do Just One Thing
    • June Newsletter
      • AOR Conference Report
      • BottleDrop Center Update
      • Fred Meyer Community Rewards Re-enrollment
      • Look Who’s Composting!
      • Video: Saving Little Pieces of Our Earth
      • Do Just One Thing
    • May Newsletter
      • Recycling Advocates Thanks Rockwell Collins!
      • Campaign Update
      • Defining Oregon’s Materials Management Future
      • Conference: Sustainable Oregon 2016
      • Earth Day Events: Recap and Winners
      • Do Just One Thing
    • April Newsletter
      • Campaign Update: “Choose to Reuse!”
      • New Recycling Advocates Website
      • Earth Day Celebrations
      • AOR Spring Forum Report
      • Do Just One Thing
    • March Newsletter
      • Campaign Update: “Choose to Reuse!”
      • Earth Day Events
      • AOR Spring Forum
      • Do Just One Thing
      • New Ways to Support Recycling Advocates
    • February
      • What a Party!
      • Bottle Bill Update
      • Do Just One Thing
      • Thanks to Katie Allen
      • Repair Fairs This Saturday
    • January
      • Recycling Advocates Volunteer Party
      • Campaign Intro: The Disposable Cup Problem
      • Solid Waste and HHW Taskforces
      • “Do Just One Thing”
      • Ask Metro

2015 Newsletters

                    • December
                      • Recycling Advocates Volunteer Party
                      • A Sneak Preview of Recycling Advocates’ 2016 Campaign
                      • Helping Enforce Portland’s Plastic Bag Ban
                      • Holiday “Do Just One Thing” Tips
                    • November
                      • Recycling Still Reigns!
                      • Holiday Waste Prevention
                      • Gifting This Holiday Season
                      • Do Just One Thing
                      • Save the Date
                    • October
                      • The Bottle Bill – What’s Next?
                      • “Let’s Talk Trash” Event
                      • Recycling Goals in Portland
                      • “TerraCycling” at Northside Elementary
                    • September
                      • Annual Meeting Report
                      • Meet Our New Board Members
                      • EarthShare Oregon Events
                      • Yellow Pages Report Card
                    • August
                      • Annual Meeting Invitation
                      • Board Member Elections
                      • Styrofoam Recycling Returns to West Side
                      • The Rooster Update
                    • July
                      • Update from the Capitol
                      • Annual Meeting Invitations Coming Soon
                      • Coffee Shop Discounts
                      • The Rooster is Here!
                    • June
                      • Update from the Capitol
                      • Master Recycler Fall Class Registration
                      • Washington County Celebrates 25 Years of Recycling
                      • Save the Date – RA Annual Meeting
                      • StillTasty Website
                    • May
                      • Update from the Capitol
                      • RA Welcomes New Board Members
                      • School Styrofoam Ban Report from Sunnyside 4th Graders
                      • Styrofoam Alert from Far West Recycling
                      • Make Your Own Reusable Produce Bag
                      • Nike Green Fair Report
                    • April
                      • Your Voice Counts – Use It!
                      • A Day at the Fair with Recycling Advocates
                      • Sunnyside Students Say No to Styro!
                      • Coming Soon: “Let’s Talk Trash” Event
                    • March
                      • Calling All Portland Green Teams! 
                      • World Wildlife Fund Earth Hour
                      • Update from the Capitol
                      • “Let’s Talk Trash” Event  
                    • February 
                      • Recycling Advocates Op-Ed in the Oregonian
                      • A Party with a Purpose
                      • Legislative Preview
                      • Clackamas County Master Recyclers Class
                    • January
                      • 10¢ Bottle Deposit on the Horizon
                      • Take Your Green Team to the Next Level
                      • Tough Truths about Plastic Pollution


2014 Newsletters

                    • December
                      2014 End of Year Report and Appeal for Contributions
                    • November
                      Workplace Composting Changes
                      Recycling Success Story: ORPET
                      Parlez-Vous Français?
                      TED Helps Spread the Waste Prevention Message
                    • October
                      Recycling Advocates Annual Meeting Report
                      Thank you, Elizabeth Goodman
                      California’s Plastic Bag Ban Update
                    • September
                      Join Recycling Advocates at the Lucky Lab on October 2nd!
                      Supporting the Cause of Your Choice – It’s Never Been Easier
                      Campaign Planning Meeting at the Green Dragon
                      California’s Plastic Bag Ban
                    • August
                      Master Recycler Program: Be an Informed Environmentalist!
                      Recycling Advocates Annual Meeting at the Lucky Lab
                      EarthShare Oregon’s 25th Birthday Picnic
                      Hold the Bag Outreach this Sunday
                    • June
                      Plastic Film Recycling is back at Far West Fibers!
                      Welcome Adrienne Welsh as new Resource Director
                      Attend the AOR 2014 Sustainable Oregon Conference
                    • May
                      Hold the Bag or Bring Your Own
                      Recycling Advocates Board is Growing
                      Recycling Advocates and Our Wonderful Volunteers
                      Attend the 2014 AOR Sustainable Oregon Conference
                      Oregon – Our Producer Responsibility Successes
                    • April
                      Bottle Drop – The Easy Way to Earn a Nickel
                      Recycling Advocates Looking for New Resource Director
                      Attend the 2014 AOR Sustainable Oregon Conference
                      Meet Katie Allen, RA’s Bring Your Own Bag Campaign Manager
                      Community Recycling Collection Event
                    • January
                      Plastic Free by Beth Terry – a Book Review
                      San Francisco Plastic Ban Bag Upheld
                      Thank you Debra!
                      Take Your Green Team to the Next Level
                      “Like” Recycling Advocates on FaceBook

2013 Newsletters

                    • December
                      Oregon E-Cycles: A Program for the Season
                      Waste Reduction Tips for the Holidays
                      A Holiday Hauler Perspective
                      Recycling 101
                      Drop Something in RA’s “Virtual Stocking” this Christmas with GoodSearch!
                      “Like” Us on FaceBook!
                    • November
                      From Recycling Advocates – Thank you!
                      RA Founder Jeanne Roy to be Honored with SAGE Award
                      Recycling Advocates Campaign
                      Thanks for all of your work Johnny!
                      Ideas Whose Time has Come
                      RA at Moda Health and Norm Thompson Outfitters
                      “Like” Us on FaceBook!
                    • October
                      Annual Gathering a Huge Success
                      Proud of Being Part of Earthshare!
                      RA’s Current Campaign: Plastic Bag Ban Enforcement
                      Feature: Natural Grocers – A Bag Free Biz
                      Become a Recycling Advocates Member!
                      “Like” Us on FaceBook!
                    • September
                      Annual Meeting RSVP
                      Feature: Go-Box a Hit with Food Cart Customers
                      Portland’s Plastic Bag Ban in Full Swing
                      New BottleDrop Site
                      SCRAP’s Rebel Craft Rumble
                      Share Your Waste Reduction Success Stories!
                      “Like” Us on FaceBook!
                    • August
                      “Save the Date” for RA’s Annual Meeting!
                      Plastics Recycling Just Got More Difficult
                      Reusable Bag Success Story: Alberta Co-Op
                      Recycling Advocates Wants to Hear Your Waste Reduction Success Stories!
                      Portland’s ResourceFULL Use Program
                      Can Your Employer Help the Environment?
                      Want to Volunteer?
                    • July
                      2013 Oregon Legislature Reaches The End
                      Recycling – Charting Your Course
                      New Resource Director Hired
                      “Like” Recycling Advocates on Facebook!
                      L.A. Bans Plastic Bags
                      RepairPDX Update
                      Trashion Summer Camp Update
                      Want to Volunteer?
                    • June
                      2013 Oregon Legislature Nears The End
                      OBRC Kicks-off “Know Your Nickel Campaign”
                      Trashion Summer Camp
                    • April
                      Master Recycler’s #52 Graduates
                      Oregon Conservation Network
                      Support Recycling Advocates
                    • March
                      My Path to Master Recycler
                      Reusable-Bag Updates
                      Reuse Alliance Repair Cafe
                      OCN Priorities for 2013
                      Recycling Advocacy Calendar
                    • February
                      Recycling Advocates – Growing up after 25 years
                      City of Portland offers reusable bag help to retailers and shoppers
                      Plastic bag ban update
                      2013 Legislative session gets underway

Prior Newsletters

Some newsletter summaries are listed below. Lookup past newsletters here: 2002 to 2005 | 2006 to 2012

December 2012

                    • RA Testifies to Portland City Council on Single-Use Bags
                    • Recycling Advocates’ Policy on Single-Use Bags
                    • A Blast From Our Past
                    • Metro Dedication Ceremony for Public Sculpture Honoring Steve Apotheker
                    • Nonprofit Organization Board Training

October 2012

                    • 2012 RA Annual Meeting
                    • Thank you Rick Paul
                    • Recycling Advocates is Moving Forward
                    • It’s Time for Action on Reusable Bags
                    • Reuse Conex

August 2012

                    • Come join us for an evening in Peninsula Park – September 12
                    • Oregon E-Cycle Progress Report
                    • Recycling Advocates at The AOR Conference
                    • The Second “R”: International Reuse Conference & Expo
                    • Master Recyclers Celebrate Graduates
                    • Contribute to EarthShare at your workplace: it’s so easy

April 2012

                    • Single-Use Bag Ban Update
                    • Recycling Advocates – Growing Up: Organizational Development Network opportunity
                    • Expanding our reach through EarthShare’s new website
                    • Legislative Corner: Few Fireworks in the 2012 Oregon Legislative Session

January 2012

                    • Oregon’s BottleDrop Expands
                    • IFC’s Portlandia Roasts Portland Recycling!
                    • What Can We Expect from the 2012 Oregon Legislative Session?

February 2010

                    • Plastic Bag Ban in Legislature
                    • Product Stewardship for Paint in Oregon
                    • OLCC Redemption Center rules due soon
                    • The Portland Farmers Market Goes Green
                    • Use GoodShop and GoodSearch to support RA’s efforts in your community

March 2010

                    • Oregon Plastic Bag Ban Dies
                    • Recycling Mercury-containing Lamps in Washington State
                    • OLCC Bottle Redemptions Center update
                    • Unwanted & Expired Medications Collection Event

April 2010

                    • Maine Signs First-in-the-Nation Product Stewardship Bill Into Law
                    • An assessment of Oregon & Washington E-waste programs
                    • Innovations for Plastic Bag Re-use
                    • Earth Day Events around Portland

May 2010

                    • Working towards Zero Waste at Earth Day: A good move with many challenges
                    • Trashion Camp with Junk to Funk Trashion Collective
                    • OLCC bottle redemption center update
                    • Want free admission to the Association of Oregon Recyclers June conference in Salem?
                    • Metro Recycling Information Center

July 2010

                    • Efforts to Ban Plastic Bags Keep Rolling
                    • The fruits of our labors
                    • Our new electronic “LOOK”. . .
                    • Recycling Advocates Lindsey Newkirk and Lane County’s Sarah Grimm present on Zero Waste events at Sustainable Oregon Conference
                    • The Recycling Advocates
                    • Master Recyclers at the AOR Conference
                    • Advocacy Calendar

September 2010

                    • Recycling Advocates Annual Membership Meeting at Lucky Lab on October 18th
                    • From the Board: Can you see through this plastic bag?
                    • A Look Ahead to 2011
                    • Protect the Earth – through public speaking
                    • Advocacy Calendar

October 2010

            • Exciting New Program for Portland “Cartivores”
            • Recycling Advocates Annual Meeting…See you at the Lucky Lab
            • From The Board: Can you see through this plastic bag? Part 2
            • Vote for the Recycling Advocates 2010-2011 Board of Directors at this year’s Annual Meeting
            • Contribute to EarthShare at your workplace: it’s so easy