Nectar Cafe Launches Reusable Mason Jar Program

Motivated by our Bring Your Own Cup campaign, Nectar Cafe has launched a reusable mason jar program.

Simply pay $1 deposit to get your coffee in a reusable jar, and you can take it with you. Next time you return to the shop, bring the jar with you, and they’ll exchange your jar with a new one, and wash the one you brought back back for someone else to use.

This option is ideal for those who forget their reusable cups, or don’t want to hassle with cleaning out their cups.

Nectar Cafe was the first shop to join our campaign, and has been a great partner on new ways to encourage customers to avoid disposable cups.

“The partnership between Nectar Cafe and the Recycling Advocates started with marketing materials that sparked discussions between our baristas and customers. We regularly heard that people had no idea hot to go cups were not recyclable. It was a total eye opener for people. These discussion lead us to launching a ‘reusable jar for a deposit’ program. We are excited to track the results!” says owner Natasha Stille.

Visit Nectar Cafe in Hollywood district to learn more, and see our signage around the store. They are located just north of the Hollywood Theater.