Longbottom Coffee in Hillsboro Joins BYOC Campaign

Thanks to the outreach by one of our top BYOC volunteers Lori Gates, we have now added our 17th coffee shop to the BYOC campaign!

Since 1981, Longbottom Coffee and Tea has been delivering the world’s finest coffees to their customers, based out of their Hillsboro location.

They are known for their tasty menu for both breakfast and lunch. All food is served with reusable plates and silverware, and coffee condiments are available in bulk. Reusable cups are clearly visible at the order counter for customers who are staying in. A water station with reusable cups is stationed right at the pickup counter. There is a blue recycling bin in the hallway for mixed recycling items. Customers may pickup used coffee grounds for their gardens on request.

They were one of the first coffee roasters in the United States to be in the USDA National Organic Program and was a certification training test site for the IOIA (Independent Organic Inspectors Association). Longbottom’s shade grown, organic coffees are farmed without use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides and to ensure the preservation of native plant and wildlife habitats.

Longbottom also supports programs that give back directly to growing communities such as The Coffee Trust (Fair Trade), Mercy Corps, American Red Cross and Portland Rescue Mission.

Did you know that Longbottom offers a 35 cent discount when you bring your own cup? That’s one of the highest discount prices we’ve seen (Never Coffee in Portland offers a 50 cent discount). They are also displaying our BYOC reminder window cling on the entrance door, in case you forget your cup in your vehicle.



Next time you’re in the Hillsboro area, make sure you stop by Longbottom Coffee and thank them for supporting our campaign!

To help Recycling Advocates continue reaching out to local coffee shops to promote the BYOC campaign, consider our “Adopt a Shop” program for as low as $5 per month >>>