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Local Heroes


Bonita Davis, RA Board Member and a Master Recycler volunteer, went to KATU TV Channel 2 in Portland to show us ways we can have just as much fun and festivity, while saving money and going easy on the environment.

Jenica Barrett, a local zero-waster and creator of “Zero Waste Wisdom.” Her website is a detailed guide to reducing, refusing, recycling, and composting. She provides helpful information to support anyone who wants to make the switch to a zero waste and plastic free lifestyle!

Watch an interview with Jenica about how she got into this lifestyle



Cecelia Warner works to reduce paper towel usage in Forest Grove schools, city offices and restaurants, taking over the “Shake and Fold” campaign from Joe Smith

Article: http://pamplinmedia.com/fgnt/36-news/330240-209610-woman-hopes-simple-change-reduces-waste




Laura Weiss, founder of GoBox, discusses her business to reduce food packaging waste in downtown Portland. GoBox helps you get your to-go meals in a reusable, returnable container.

Salem 3rd Graders share their science project to make edible water bottles

Two fifth-graders at Ardenwald Elementary in Milwaukie lead their entire school to a “superhero” recycling celebration, recycling 1500 plastic bottles!

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