James’ Neighborhood Recycling Service Hosts Eastside Collection Event

by Michael Freudenthal, Board Member

On Saturday October 24th, James’ Neighborhood Recycling Service completed its third public plastic collection event.  The first two collections took place in Beaverton July 11 and August 29.  This most recent event was the first plastic waste collection event James’ Neighborhood Recycling organized east of the Willamette River, and it was more heavily attended than the westside events.

James Harris is a Licensed Independent Recycler who started his business in 2015 beginning with neighborhood collection of plastic waste and Styrofoam.  In 2020, James’ Neighborhood Recycling expanded to public collection events.  These events are planned and coordinated by James and his staff, but committed volunteers help to receive and sort #2, #4, #5 and #6 plastics.  Plastic screw caps, utensils, straws and Styrofoam are also collected.

Here are some impressive numbers James has achieved:

  • Recycled plastic by year:

2018 = 2,150 pounds

2019 = 2,303 pounds

2020 = 6,567 pounds (through October)

  • Recycled plastic through three collection events:

            4,275 pounds

James’ Neighborhood Recycling Service is planning future pick up and collection events.  Oregonians interested in saving and recycling plastic waste through James’ Neighborhood Recycling Service should check the company website and social media pages (Facebook) for upcoming collection dates at www.jshrecycling.com