Do Just One Thing: Use GoodSearch and GoodShop (June 2017)

By Rhett Lawrence, RA Vice President

We remind you pretty frequently in this newsletter about participating in easy fundraising efforts for Recycling Advocates, like GoodSearch, Amazon Smile, and the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program. I mean, if you can just buy the stuff you’re already buying, not pay any more for it, and STILL have it raise money for a group whose work you support, how great is that?

Well, I want to put in one more plug for GoodSearch and GoodShop ( While I use GoodSearch as my default search engine and raise a few cents for RA every time I do an internet search (which is a LOT), today I’d like to sing the virtues of making big purchases through GoodShop.

For instance, do you anticipate – as I do – spending a couple thousand dollars on buying your vacation plane tickets for this year? Well, how about going to GoodShop first and THEN getting patched through to Orbitz or Cheap Tickets or Priceline or wherever you make your travel arrangements? You will be doing the EXACT SAME THING you were already going to do and simultaneously raising some significant money for RA. Each purchase may only result in a few dollars coming our way, but every plane ticket and car rental and hotel room raises money for us and it all adds up!

It takes literally less than a minute to designate RA as your charity of choice and then you’re off! So go buy some tickets to Antarctica or something, or even just a trip to a wedding in Philly, and help support the great work we’re doing at Recycling Advocates. It’s so easy and it helps so much!