Do Just One Thing: Try (Oct 2017)

By Holly Hummel, RA Treasurer

I joined NextDoor some time ago, and recently had a really wonderful experience that I’d like to share with you.

I needed a car seat and a high chair. I considered doing to easy thing and buying these items but then took a chance and posted my wish list on Within an hour someone offered me a wonderful car seat and someone else offered me a booster chair, both of which are just perfect for my needs.

So, a couple of things happened. The first and most important was that my faith in humanity and in my community was renewed. What a cool thing to ask for something and have your wish granted!

The second really cool thing was that I didn’t buy anything and put two items to use that were no longer needed by others. The whole experience was better than ANY shopping experience I’ve ever had.

So whether you’re asking for something or have something to give away please consider using

Editor’s note: is a “private social network for your neighborhood”, it offers an online bulletin board for sharing neighborhood news and events, in addition to acting as a hyperlocal “Craigslist” for buying, selling, requesting or offering items. Another website/community for sharing free items and services is Portland Rooster.