Do Just One Thing: Swap Your White Elephants (Jan 2019)

by Holly Hummel

Here’s an opportunity to do something fun the next time you have friends over for dinner or a potluck. Use the opportunity to find a new home for unwanted items in your house. In her fun and informative book, I Like You, comedian Amy Sedaris suggests putting out a table full of items you’re looking to get rid of for guests to peruse during the party.

Expand on Sedaris’ idea by asking all of your friends to bring giveaways from their homes, and have an after-dinner swap. Each guest will go home with a “new” item, and their old items won’t go to waste.

If you have leftover items after the party, donate them. One of our favorite donation places is the Community Warehouse which accepts donations of household items and redistributes them to people who need them the most. Check out their website for information as to which items the Community Warehouse will accept:

They will also pick up your gently used furniture for a $30 pickup fee.  Community Warehouse has locations in NE Portland at 3961 NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd (Call 503-235-8786) and in Tualatin at 8380 SW Nyberg Road (503-347-2147).