Do Just One Thing: Moving? Don’t Ditch it, Donate it! (July 2017)

Given Portland’s sizzling hot housing market we’re betting that some of you are in the process of moving – or are at least contemplating it.

Streamline your move by starting NOW sorting your stuff and finding good homes for items you don’t need. Leave it until the last minute and chances are you will either pay to move stuff you don’t really want, or will send things to the landfill that could have been reused.

Many organizations will gladly accept donated household items, and some will pick up larger pieces IF YOU SCHEDULE AHEAD. You’ll be helping others in the community, plus you’ll reduce moving costs, and start out clutter-free in your new home.

Most of us know about Goodwill (, here are a few other organizations to consider:

Staying put? Do it anyway! You’ll make extra space in your home and feel great about helping other people.