Do Just One Thing: Grab a Growler (May 2018)

By Holly Hummel, RA Treasurer

Bottle caps are my nemesis. They are everywhere and they are not recyclable, at least not in my world. Plastic bottle caps intended for the landfill often wind up in the ocean and in the stomachs of whales and turtles and other wildlife.

I love kombucha, but the kind I love most has a plastic bottle cap. So, I stopped drinking it because I couldn’t bear throwing out the caps. And, then of course, those glass bottles are recyclable, but … it takes a lot of energy to recycle them. It’s so very much better to reduce and reuse than to recycle, right?

And, then voila! I found growlers. I can go to Fred Meyer and get all the kombucha I want in refillable glass growlers. I enjoy it so much more now that I am not throwing away the cap or sending the glass bottle back to be recycled. No guilt, no waste, just wonderful kombucha. And, you know what? Humm kombucha served in Fred Meyer growlers is from Bend, Oregon, does it get better than that?

Oh BTW, local craft beer comes in growlers, too!

Note from the editor: the list of Portland area growler-fills is growing all the time, a quick Google search came up with this Yelp review of many of them. Check here to see if your local Fred Meyer has a growler station.