Do Just One Thing: Bring your own TO GO containers (Aug 2017)

by Holly Hummel

Bring your own TO GO containers when you dine out and avoid using any single use containers. If our experience is any guide, your wait staff will love you for bringing your own leftover containers!

Leftover containers offered by restaurants can be made from a combination of paper and plastic, plastic only, or a mixture allowing them to be labeled as compostable. Compostable containers are single use; so are Styrofoam and other multi-material containers. Containers labeled compostable are not accepted by Metro area’s curbside compost collection services because they do not break down at a rate to meet their criteria. They are similar to other products that we send to landfills; they don’t compost once they are there, either.

Recycling facilities for Styrofoam are dwindling as well. Avoiding solid waste of any kind by bringing durable jars and tubs is the best method for taking home your leftovers and to go orders.