Cafe Eleven joins BYOC Campaign with HuskeeCups

Café Eleven is a coffee shop located in North Portland (435 NE Rosa Parks Way) near the Woodlawn district. Their coffee is delivered by bike, and their food is primarily sourced from local vendors.

From their website…

Café Eleven has been in existence for nine years through different iterations, first it was a bakery and than two Polish sisters took it over and renamed it Café Eleven, an homage to a coffee shop in Krakow, Poland called Coffee 11. Fast forward to 2017, when a former journalist and Army veteran bought this business as a way to promote civic engagement while serving delicious coffee, breakfast sandwiches, healthy vegetarian and vegan items and scrumptious baked goods from local bakers.

As for their support of our reusable cup reduction campaign, they use a product for their for-here cups called HuskeeCup. HuskeeCup is a reusable coffee cup that uses coffee husks as a raw material to make the cup. Customers purchase the cup to participate in the Swap program, but agree that they might not get the same cup back, but will get a different, commercially cleaned HuskeeCup (might even be a different color, size or lid color).


Check out Café Eleven in North Portland at 435 NE Rosa Parks Way, and make sure to avoid a disposable cup!