BYOC in Motion – Local Supporters

Check out these local Portland residents who bring their own cup with them! Their actions are supporting our BYOC campaign.

Do you have a photo you’d like to share with us? Let us know what motivates you to do it, and what tips you have for not forgetting your cup at home! We’ll add favorite stories and photos this page, and post them to our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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Keisha was spotted at First Tech Credit Union where she works. She makes her own daily coffee treat from organic coffee beans and almond milk. Bringing along her travel mug and water bottle are now part of her routine, and one part of reducing household plastics and waste. William, an OSU History major, spotted visiting a local coffee shop. William always carries his stainless travel mug because it keeps his coffee warm, and he finds it an easy thing to do. William added that his travel mug is as important as his phone, keys or wallet and he wouldn’t leave home without it! Nick was seen at Kaiser Permanente with his own reusable mug. He thinks it’s important to BYOC because not only does it save him money, it is good for the environment, and he finds it convenient. The thermos is never left behind because he sets up his coffee maker at night, and has coffee and thermos ready in hand to head out the door each morning!
Pablo is the smiling worker behind the counter at SCRAP PDX. He uses a travel mug, so less goes to the landfill. The sturdier mug prevents accidents from spills and lids that pop off. He has a travel mug that stays at work, and an extra one next to his water bottle in his locker, so he doesn’t forget! Marlee is holding her favorite ceramic mug, the one that is inscribed, JOYFUL. Pictured off duty, Marlee works in a coffee shop, and is concerned about going through so many non-recyclable cups. “I’ve always been a tree hugger!” Remembering her cup is not 100%, but her best way to keep it on hand is leaving it in her car or purse for the next day. Jeff has been carrying his own thermos for 15 years! Forgetting it is not an option. An avid coffee drinker, the mug is always in his hand. Bringing his own mug and not wasting paper or other resources is his way of expressing concern for the environment.
Shariff from the Commonway Institute for Societal Transformation. Shariff was spotted in a local coffee shop with his reusable coffee cup. “I don’t want to put any more paper coffee cups or other paper products into the world.” The ceramic in-house cups are not his style, so he brings his own. Bringing his own cup is part of being “mindful” about his actions. He has a special bag with a pocket for the cup. If he see’s the cup is not in the pocket, he feels he “is not dressed yet.” Shariff admits it took awhile to make BYOC a habit! Bobby gives everyone a smile and helping hand at Mt. Scott Community Center.  He is seldom without his travel mug.  He likes it because it keeps hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold.

It is easy to remember because he has carried it so much, it has become a habit.

Shayna Denny of Knipe Realty NW brings her own coffee cup because she really needs her caffeine in the morning! This makes it easy to remember when she leaves the house. She even brings a reusable water bottle as well!

Tabitha Merten finds it easier to take her reusable bottle than buy drinks and use plastic bottles. It also reminds her to drink more water throughout the day.

She remembers her bottle because she uses it all the time, even at her home. She always has it with her, so she never forgets now. Initially, she left bottles in many different locations (car, work, etc), but eventually cut down to one.

Sarah is a Master Recycler who is trying to avoid trash going to the landfill, so she brings her Contigo reusable cup everywhere she goes. She has been doing it for the past 5 years, so now it has become a permanent fixture in her daily routine. Brion, President of Recycling Advocates, started becoming alarmed at the sight of iced drink cups piling up in his car. It was a lot of waste! His solution is to keep a washable durable cup in his car at all times. He beats himself up when he forgets his cup, so it’s now become part of his daily routine.

For Donna, reducing waste is a priority. So if she forgets her cup, she won’t order a “to go” coffee nor will she get coffee in that moment at all!

Bonita didn’t know that “the white paper coffee cup” were not recyclable. When she discovered they are coated in plastic so it can hold liquids, that changed everything. No more rinsing them out and putting them in the recycling bin! If she forgets her cup, then it’s coffee “for here” in a mug.

Deke enjoys his favorite neighborhood coffee shop and knows many of the customers and baristas. He really likes his travel mug so the 10 cent discount for bringing his own mug is a real plus! Deke plans ahead, so the mug sits on his counter next to his keys and is always ready to go!

Kaylor has no problem bringing a reusable cup because she says “I love coffee and I hate trash!” It’s simple for her because her cup is always in her backpack. She has multiple cups so even when a cup is being washed, she still has one to use.

Greg thinks the 10 to 25 cent discount for bringing your own cup is a real motivator. After breaking his favorite cup in his carry bag, he switched to stainless cup he found that was on sale. The cup is always with his books, so he never forgets it!

Roger likes his stainless steel travel mug and takes it with him everywhere – even to Mexico! Often it travels with him in his briefcase. To Roger, the 10 cent discount he gets for bringing his own really matters! Plus his stainless cup keeps coffee hot longer, and doesn’t create trash!

Shaun is on his ‘A’ game with coffee- three cups a day in his favorite travel mug! While building houses, he is never without his cup, there is no forgetting it. The discount he gets at Jackson’s is also a big plus!

Nick knows that disposable cups are lined with plastic, so why would he want to put hot liquid in that? Especially when bringing his own mug is the easiest! No matter what bag he has, gym bag, bike bag, or back pack, they all have a mug in each!

Maggie started out just trying to figure out how to cut down on her waste.  Having a pretty travel mug and a reusable water bottle made her life easier. Over time Maggie realized she was creating much less waste.  Each day she grabs the phone, the keys, then her cups. It’s now part of her daily routine. “I feel naked without them!”

Celeste selected flasks in her favorite colors for the hot and cold beverages she drinks throughout the day. To her, the containers are great because she doesn’t have to use a new cup each time she wants a drink! The easy-to-grab handles make the containers easy to tote, so she is never without them! Celeste is committed to waste reduction so she says ‘no’ to disposable paper/plastic products!

Martha‘s preferred cup is a Mason jar with a lid because she thinks they are adorable. She keeps the jar in her desk at work and brings thermos of hot water from home each day. This is her way of keeping things convenient. “I do it to help the environment and to be a better role model for my kids.”

Richard was spotted with the new Peet’s reuseable coffee cup. He shared that he bought two as soon as they came out. One goes in his bike bag or to carry on walks and the other in his car. “Conservation” is his motivation to BYOC!

Jenna is a Behavior Analyst from Eugene, and she brings her own cup and straw because she wants to put her values into action. She only takes and consumes what she actually needs, in order to reduce her impact on the environment. She made a rule that if she forgets to bring her cup with her, she doesn’t get coffee. That happened one time, and she hasn’t forgotten after that. She also told her husband of her rule, in order to hold herself accountable.

Drew is a new Operations Manager at ReStore Portland. He says it’s silly to get a new cup each time, and he already owns a reusable cup. He’s also a “grazer” who drinks his coffee slowly, and the cup helps him “get through this bad boy” without getting too cold.

He feels that living in a city we are separated from our trash, but he has worked in places where he saw the impact of our convenience culture up close and personal, and doesn’t want to participate anymore.

When he leaves his house, he thinks about keys, wallet, phone and cup, so it’s embedded into his daily routine, as coffee is something he drinks every day.

Robert is a Master Recycler.  He has a long history of bringing his own cup.

After 13 years of bringing his own cup, he actually wore it out!

This is Allen using a cup provided for coffee after his platelet donation at the Red Cross Donation Center.  He was very positive and excited about using a nice Valentines ceramic cup!

This Rachel at Red Cross Donation Center. She is a 2 fisted drinker; Saving 2 Cups at a time!

Judy, Sally and Bill are part of a group that meet up at Papaccino’s and play cards.  They are using cups supplied by the shop and one BYO bottle.  Nice thing about Papaccino’s is when you look around the shop, you can tell they, as well as their clientele, make an effort to use less paper cups!

This is Chloe, founder of Zero Waste PDX and co-organizer of the Zero Waste Conference in 2018

“I bring my own cup because I try to apply the 5 Rs of Zero Waste to my life: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot/Compost). I refuse single-use plastics whenever I can, namely by bringing my own cup when I know I won’t have time to sit down and drink my chai at the coffee shop in a ceramic cup.”

“I have a Zero Waste kit ready. Until recently, it lived in my car, my now that I sold it, I keep the kit my my front door. Before I leave the house, I do a KKWP check: Key Kit Wallet Phone.”