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Board of Directors and Staff

jungle_bay_zomzom_trail_south_brion_headshot Brion Hurley
Business Performance Improvement
“I joined RA to meet and get motivated by other like-minded people. I also want to help continue the long history of material reduction in the region. I’m excited to be involved in a new campaign that can reach so many Oregonians, that can also be the catalyst for even bigger efforts in the future!”
Rhett_Lawrence Rhett Lawrence
Vice President
Sierra Club
SusanMead Susan Mead
Secretary”As a Certified Master Recycler and avid hiker throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond, I want to be involved in causes that address ways to reduce waste generation so I can leave this planet cleaner than how I found it. And, I believe in ‘Think Globally, Act Locally.’ Being a board member of RA inspires me to thoughtfully consume and pay attention to where all of my throw-aways end up… hint: there is no ‘away’! “
HollyHummel Holly Hummel
BettyBBforSite Betty Patton
Past President
Environmental Practices, LLC
Rob Guttridge Headshot Rob Guttridge
At-Large Member
Heather_Cyrus Heather Cyrus
At-Large Member
SecureWorld Expo”Living in the Pacific Northwest nearly my whole life, I grew up with an appreciation for natural areas and was taught to tread lightly on our planet. I thought I knew everything about recycling before I took the Master Recycler course (class of 55). Wow, I had a lot to learn! I thought, “If I have the Environmental Studies degree and actually care about recycling, what is the average citizen doing?” I’m proud to be part of RA working to educate the community and the BYOC campaign is something dear to my heart. I can’t wait for single use items to be a thing of the past!”Favorite Quote: “There are two things that interest me: the relation of people to each other, and the relation of people to land.” – Aldo Leopold
mark_buchweitz Mark Buchweitz
At-Large Member
Gifford Pinchot Task Force
Denise Slattery
Campaign Coordinator
At-Large Member
Adrienne_Welsh Adrienne Welsh
Resource Director


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