Board of Directors and Staff



Brion Hurley
Business Performance Improvement

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“I joined RA to meet and get motivated by other like-minded people. I also want to help continue the long history of material reduction in the region. I’m excited to be involved in a new campaign that can reach so many Oregonians, that can also be the catalyst for even bigger efforts in the future!”



Holly Hummel

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Tara Knierim

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“I am passionate about environmental issues and frustrated by the current state of waste and recycling in this country. I’m looking for a way to make a positive impact. I feel that serving on the board of Recycling Advocates is a great way for me to get involved. I’m excited at the prospect of further partnering with other organizations to further the mission of RA.”


Michael Freudenthal
At-Large Member

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“Recycling Advocates’ commitment to environmentally sustainable work is critical to our community. I immediately jumped at the chance to join their Board of Directors. This opportunity to further my decades long focus on environmental issues has allowed me to become even more involved. It is an honor to assist Recycling Advocates in advancing its mission.”


Brittney Wendell
At-Large Member

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“Recycling Advocates has an impressive history of influencing local sustainability efforts. I was introduced to the organization through my experience with zero waste, and am excited to collaboratively contribute to RA’s successes as the landscape of sustainable materials management evolves.”


Evelyn Amara
At-Large Member

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“I’ve joined the Recycling Advocates to team up with other community leaders passionate about innovative materials management. I look forward to continuing an impressive history of effective grassroots representation as we look to organize around the future of the materials management sector and prioritize positive environmental and social impacts through RA’s advocacy and advising at municipal, state, and regional-levels.”


Alaina Labak
At-Large Member

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“I wanted to connect to a group that is working on advancing sustainability goals, to help contribute to specific achievements, adding to a great list of accomplishments. I wanted an outlet for my ‘itch for improvement'”

Roberta Sommer
At-Large Member
Community Outreach Project Coordinator

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“I want to help build RA up in terms of its reach, activity level, & the number of Oregonians involved. I want to see RA become the leading organization in conserving and restoring Oregon’s natural health.”

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